Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023 Application Process

Apply for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023 which allows individuals to come to Malta without having a Job offer from Malta and Live there. This will allow them to legally reside in Malta. Digital Nomads who are working remotely for any company, or those are freelancers, or employees who are allowed to work from home can apply for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023. There are a lot of benefits.

Firstly Malta is a beautiful island and Digital Nomads don’t need to pay taxes in Malta. The Malta Government already hosts a lot of Digital nomads from EU Countries but now they are welcoming applicants from Non-EU countries as well. This is an easy Nomad Visa to get with fewer requirements. The details are given below.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023 Application Process

  • Living Country: Malta
  • Duration: One year
  • Who can Apply: Remote Job people

Eligibility Criteria for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

  • An applicant must be over 18 years old.
  • Able to work remotely and independently of location.
  • Applicants who are applying must prove they can work remotely by using telecoms such as Mobile, Laptop, or PC.

An applicant must fall under ONE of the 3 Categories:

  1. Employed: An applicant working for an Employer registered company outside Malta and having a contract of work.
  2. Self-Employed: conduct business activity for a company that is registered in a foreign country and of which the applicant is a partner/shareholder.
  3. Freelancer: An applicant must prove that he is a Freelancer and has earned through freelancing such as online services.

Income Requirements

An applicant must also show that he is earning EUR 2,700/month. An applicant must reach a gross monthly income threshold.

Required Documents to Submit from Main Applicant

  • An Applicant has to fill out the online application form and all the forms by the Malta Government.
  • hold a valid travel document
  • have health insurance covering risks in Malta
  • hold a valid property rental or purchase agreement. (You have to show accommodation proof)
  • Pass a background verification check.
  • Proof of payment.
  • Application forms for Family are coming.
  • Application form N1 (For the Main Applicant)
  • Application form N2. (For Family members)

The list of the complete documents along with the application form is available on the official website.

Note that this requirement does not apply to British nationals.

Benefits of Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Here are some amazing benefits offered by the Maltese Government for Digital Nomads:

  • No taxes. As a digital nomad, you will not pay taxes for a year.
  • Bring Your Family: You can bring your family on a Digital Nomad Visa as well.
  • Good Connection: Malta has Strong 5G Internet.
  • English: English is also an official language in Malta.
  • Tourist Attraction: Malta is in Europe, so it is a good tourist destination as well.

Bring Your Family to Malta

The Main Applicant (MA) can include family members in his/her application. The eligible dependents are:

  • Spouse
  • Children (unmarried) and those who are dependent on the main applicant.

How long you can Stay

The Initial Visa will be given for the duration of ONE Year. Later on, you can renew the VISA by submitting the Renewal Form.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Cost

  • €300 for each applicant.

Processing Time

Malta digital nomad visa usually takes up to one month or less to process.

How to Apply for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023?

You can apply online from the Maltese Government Official Website for Nomads. The complete application process, application forms, Faqs, and eligibility is available on that website.


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